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Decrease Cooperage Cost

Cooperage is one of the largest expenses on a brewery’s balance sheet. Inefficiencies in the distribution system mean that most breweries are leasing and purchasing new kegs while most of their inventory sits empty and inaccessible. But knowledge is power and Kegpin gives you the power to decrease your cooperage cost by providing the real-time information you need to take the drift out of your float.

How Kegpin Works

Implementing current supply chain management technologies centering on RFID, KEGPIN provides a brewery real-time keg float analytics. The proprietary, cloud-based software system offers breweries a robust and user-friendly management tool. This technology is designed and supported in-house, thus ensuring an agile and ever-evolving product offering for the craft industry.

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See how Back Forty Brewing in Gadsden Alabama leveraged Kegpin to decrease keg purchases and manage their cooperage more efficiently. The money that they are saving is helping them expand operations.

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  • Industry-born tool to implement and positively affect your bottomline
  • Flexible pricing structures to fit the needs of your operation
  • Easy to understand analytics for quick implementation
  • Designed with direct input from craft brewers
  • Utilizing highly effective supply chain technology to dial in your float size
  • Empowering your brewery with real-time data for real-time decision making

Client Testimonials

KEGPIN has found a way for small breweries to keep track of one of our most valuable assets, KEGS. Being able to manage kegs throughout our footprint gives us the ability to increase turns, hold our wholesalers accountable and maintain quality standards with ease.

Tripp Collins, COO

Back Forty Beer


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