How Kegpin Works

How Kegpin Works

Keg management starts with tracking. But to effectively track a keg, we have to give a keg an identity. That is the first step in the KEGPIN process. And with that identity comes a voice. Utilizing the KEGPIN system, that keg can now tell you about its travels, how long it has been in the market, how old the keg is, what beer it is carrying, how old that beer is and a whole myriad of additional information specific to that keg. KEGPIN compiles that information and packages it into manageable reporting methods affording you the ability for clear and concise implementation of the keg-centric data.

Why Keg Float
Analytics Matter

OK – so currently you may or may not be overly concerned with keg related analytics. But you are in the business of making beer. If you are deploying kegs to get your beer to market, things like keg turn data, keg maintenance intervals, float utilization, and size of your float matter. It is our contention that keg-centric data, in many cases, is absolutely vital, operation-critical information that is not being gathered and factored in to daily and long term brewing operation planning. Without a solid grasp on keg loss and kegs utilization, how can you truly quantify operating costs or profitability?
KEGPIN is here to help.

So there is a practical, big picture component to KEGPIN.
But let’s take it down to the day-to-day level.

You know the scenario – the brites are full and fermenters are stacking up behind them. You scramble the four wheel armada to scour distributors and accounts for empty kegs. A mad rush ensues to get kegs clean just in the nick of time, hopefully, to avoid dumping beer or missing orders, or worse, both. Same scenario – same full brite tanks. Instead of a panic-driven keg hunt, you simply order more kegs. Problem solved – right? The beer makes it to market but you just pulled a chunk of cash from your operating capital budget, possibly without factoring in the long term fiscal effects of that commitment. Do you need those additional kegs over the long haul or was it just a quick fix? What if all you have to do is check your real-time KEGPIN dashboard to ensure, ahead of time, your production capabilities are in line with your on-hand cooperage. You avoid the brite tank fire-drill, forgoe the late night emergency keg washing sessions, or dodge a large capital outlay while ensuring a smooth entry to market for your craft. This can be accomplished effortlessly as a result of putting the KEGPIN suite to work. And an added benefit, you now have a little free time to enjoy your favorite adult beerverage.

We are just scratching the surface of what KEGPIN can do for you.


Why should my brewery spend money on this?

A fair question for sure and one you should ask. There are a number of reasons why you should
consider the KEGPIN system.

  • Every keg you put out has a cost associated with it, whether you rent, lease, or own it. Operationally speaking, your brewery has a keg float sweet spot - enough cooperage to keep production flowing at a healthy clip but not so much your accounting department is screaming about keg costs in relation to profits. With KEGPIN analytics, you can tactically dial in your float size to match your production capabilities. From this you can manage multiple aspects of brewery production while simultaneously, responsibly, managing potential growth opportunities.
  • Keg loss is a sore subject within the craft industry but it is a reality that has to be factored in to every brewery’s day-to-day. What percentage of your float is actually still out there working for you? KEGPIN gathers and compiles this data.
  • Every keg you put into your production process has a potential revenue stream associated with it. The KEGPIN keg management system evaluates the utilization and earning potential of your keg float. This ongoing evaluation process affords your brewery the ability to make educated, data-supported calls, avoiding those dreaded guesstimated, “fingers crossed” decisions.
  • The bottomline answer is just that - the bottomline. You brew for the love of the craft but behind the artistry, there is a business that must be run responsibly and efficiently. The KEGPIN keg management system gives your brewery a powerful, industry-born tool to implement and positively affect your bottomline.

How long does it take?

We understand that if a process is hard to implement for whatever reason, it’s probably not going to work for you. Ensuring the KEGPIN product is user-friendly, affordable, easy to implement has been and remains at the forefront of the development team’s focus. And start up is amazingly fast. We can have you up and running with real time keg data coming to you in a matter of days.

Why should I track my kegs?

At what point of a production based operation does it not matter if things are running efficiently and profitably? Regardless if it’s 50 or 50,000 kegs, once you consider the effects kegs have on the demise or success of a brewery, the necessity to manage the float becomes paramount.

What does it cost?

Another fair question and one we are glad to answer. Each brewery has its own set of issues, needs and capabilities. To ensure optimal results, the KEGPIN system begins with the good folks at KEGPIN taking a minute to get to know your brewery. Once needs are discussed and some parameters are in place, getting pricing to you is a quick process. KEGPIN is designed to be extremely affordable and we understand every brewery’s capital situations vary. To ensure we accommodate every customer scenario possible, we offer a variety of flexible structures.
Give us a call or send us an email to discuss the possibilities.


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